Using Teams for Live/Virtual Job Fairs

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I am wondering if there is anyone or company using MS Teams for Virtual/Live Job Fairs. If you are can you give a bit of information on how you are setting this up. 



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@Vgoss  I am actually researching the same thing and prefer to use Teams if possible but am looking at all solutions.

Did you find any further info for Teams being used in this way?

Ive setup Teams live events before but a fair is a bit different as you need to facilitate one on one chat/audio/video with stalls but also take security and control into account

As of this time now I have not. I was hoping that they would make theur Live Events more robust so that it can handle things like virtual job fairs and such. @PhilRiceUoS 

@Vgoss I will update here if I find any useful info during my research

Did you have any luck getting a virtual job fair set up?



@HRMN1 Ive put it on hold for now as have some more urgent priorities - Im sure I will have to return to it sooner or later though

There a solution by Cynaptx that uses Microsoft Teams to organize Virtual Career Fair.

They are also on Microsoft Azure Marketplace



Microsoft Teams can be used for Virtual Career Fairs. Cynaptx has built a Virtual Career Fair solution using Microsoft Teams and its available on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. On the day of the event, participants dont have to login to any other system except Teams. Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair platform has functionalities such as Event Scheduling, Booth Management, Virtual Lobby, Invitation, Registration Management, Online Payments, Group Meetings & One on One Meetings, Surveys, Reports etc. -