User management in Teams Essentials (non AAD) explained?

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Hey guys we're a small business and looking to get Teams Essentials


In this doc


It says "Administration tools for managing users, apps, settings & policies" is not available for the Essentials version


So how does the rollout work with Essentials (without AAD)? How does the admin/manager get selected? Can you delete former employees and block access?


Anyone got a quick overview of the rollout process and management capabilities?

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Hi, I just read that article you linked to and it kind of answer your questions.

I'm not that familiar with Teams Essentials but when it comes to the "admin tools" it's simply the policies and admin UI etc. that comes with TAC (Teams admin center). There's no TAC in Teams free or Teams Essentials. You can rollout just like any other app with the difference it's called Teams for home and not Teams for work or school. The first person signing to Teams Essentials is the one getting the limited admin role for removal of users etc.