Use a Still Photo for my Teams Meeting Gallery View

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We are participating in a virtual convention next week and we have a little Cartoon robot "mascot" who we would like to "join" some of our calls.  Is there a way to have a still photo as your gallery photo during a teams meeting video call??  


As a work around we are going to join the call from a different email and change the user name to his name "COLE" but the only thing we've figured out is to share our desktop and have the photo of him as our desktop?  


Any help/ideas appreciated...time crunch!! (of course)



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@Buxbug How bout using the image as a replacement background, then pointing your camera at a wall so it never picks up a person?


Alternative would be to use an app that can become a virtual webcam, like ManyCam, OBS etc. to just send your image as the webcam feed.


@Steven Collier thanks for replying and for the ideas!  our convention started today so i had to piecemeal and idea together.  I got prints made and set up my kindle for the calls.  kinda old school but it worked!  I'll definitely save your ideas for future use tho, I really appreciate your reply. (also he was a big hit on the first day of the convention!)cole on wall.jpg