Unable to remove Meeting Room after meeting was cancelled.


Dear Community,


After testing a few possibilities with teams, i realized when i Cancel a meeting, remove all the attendees, the attendees are still able to join the meeting that i have cancelled.


Is this a known bug and if it is, is there a workaround.

For security or privacy reasons, this can have negative effects if people still could use the link and share it with people that should not have access to the information or meeting room that has been cancelled or removed.


Its not possible to remotely delete the meeting within someones email address or calendar and its unlikely that you will have to tell them or ask them kindly to delete the meeting after it has been cancelled or removed for security purposes.


Is possible to set some sort of policy or constraint that only invited attendees can attempt the meeting and upon cancellation of the meeting that the room will be closed within Teams Admin Portal?


Will kindly wait for a response or any suggestions.


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We are also looking for the same answers..

Same here @cbraafhart 


Any answers?

I think this has not been answered yet, i received an answer by a representative stating that after removing the meeting room form your calendar that the recipients still could enter the same meeting room and its like a give and take situation. The recommendation was to ask your recipients to kindly delete the invitation from their calendar so they could not see it anymore( very unusual work around) but for me this is not a solution nor a proper recommendation. Did not test it the last couple of months if this has been resolved yes or no.

Well@cbraafhart I can assure you it hasn't been resolved. And "kindly asking" someone that you have removed from a meeting to not use the link sounds more like a joke than a serious response! They have to improve so much on Teams still, this is just one of those glitches that will probably end up in the pipeline at some point

We have a similar issue where someone was uninvited from a meeting, but then saw all the pop-ups from the chat. Far from ideal.

HI @cbraafhart 

I have a similar situation, we have an All Org Team, with differents channels. Sometimes, a user create meeting by mistake he add the channel from All_Team and the issue start. Despite of cancell the reminder appears and appears...

MS Support says: "tell your users to kindly cancel the reminders" =|

I hope to have a soon solution.

@EdwardCH88 I am right there with you on the Microsoft response. Trying to encourage 7 year olds to stop using a cancelled meeting as their personal chatroom for Roblox is not something I expected to lose sleep over. 

The only thing you can do for the time being is to enable lobby for all once you remove all the participants from the meeting and end the meeting. This will prevent people from joining the meeting, they have to wait in the lobby till you give the approval to admit. There is no point in cancelling the meeting as it is still reusable from the Calendar entry