Unable to Auto Login on Microsoft Teams Room devices ?

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We recently joined our Microsoft teams rooms device to Azure AD and upgraded OS from Win10 1903 to Win 10 20H2 (automatic updates). We are not pushing any policies on this device either through SCCM or Intune but after Azure AD joined and system upgrade when the device is rebooted it did not auto login with default Skype user account, its getting stuck on login screen and waiting for user to hit enter. This is big issue now as end users need to hit enter manually to get teams rooms app launch.


I tried to set AutoLogon registry also (which it was not present earlier) but still no luck

AutoAdminLogon = 1 (REG_DWORD)

DefaultDomainName = blank (REG_String)

DefaultUserName = Skype (REG_String)


Has anyone experienced this before ? Please advice.




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Here’s how to reset the auto login. Was this the same location where you set it? https://www.thegrahamwalsh.com/microsoft-teams-room-auto-logon-issues/