Teams Windows app crashing randomly

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Hi, we are having issues with the Teams client crashing randomly across our organisation. Usually several times a day. We are using Windows 10 X64 1903 on Surface Pro 6 machines.


The client just advises we ran into a problem and needs you to sign out and back in again. It can also be very slow on initial start up.


The last crash I had was today 12th Sept at around 10:50


I have attached the logs from Teams but I can't seem to see anything meaningful, would anyone be able to help please?


Many Thanks


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Have you tried clearing cache for Teams.


If that doesn't help try uninstalling Teams client and clear cache.



Hi @Linus Cansby 


Yes we have even created a batch file to clear cache as the crashes are soo frequent.


Doesn't seem to help.



Have you tried the 32bit Teams install?
I've found the 64bit version tries to grab a lot of ram. If the device runs out of ram it kills the Teams process.
On the devices we've had issues with, the 32bit app seems to resolve the issues.

Just a thought

Thanks @Technodude but sadly no still getting random crashes asking me to sign out and back in again, same for all users.


Any other ideas?



@DanT86  Did one find fix to this problem. Our organization's team is crashing frequently every day to.