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Is there a link that describes the version history of Teams updates?  It would be beneficial to have a list that shows the version history and build information similar to O365.  

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Teams is a service with some associated apps, and they don't get all updates nor is each identical in functionality. Message Center in the Office 365 Admin Portal is one place to read (and filter) items related to Teams. It also depends upon your tenant type. If someone has a better answer, it'd be great to see.

I have the same question. Without the version history, we are spinning our wheels trying to maintain Teams in a WVD environment.  Here is why:

- According to this, Teams cannot self-update in a WVD environment, we have to uninstall the old one and install the new one.

- The MSI download doesn't tell you the version number, and always has the same file name. So you have to conduct your own version control to be able to uninstall the old one (because the uninstaller expects the MSI file to have the same name and path as when it was installed) and to reinstall the new one that you intend. The versions I downloaded in February, March, and April all have different file sizes and modified dates in the file details, but when installed all claim to be version So I don't know if I should have just kept the January version.

- Even with careful version control, uninstall and resinstall can fail on some WVD hosts, even using the Troubleshooter.


These factors together create a situation that is both a time waster and a security issue, the latter because it drives my customers to use Teams on personal systems instead of the company system that is more secure, but might or might not have Teams installed on it.


"The MSI download doesn't tell you the version number"


Your post is old but I responded (to myself) to the same question today. So I'm just sharing.

Here what I did (in Powershell) then I put it in my monitoring to get alerts by mail :


(Invoke-WebRequest "" -UseDefaultCredentials -MaximumRedirection 0 -EA SilentlyContinue).Headers.Location.Split('/')[4]



@Kevin_Pomerleau you can get the version from the download source

IF you copy and paste the link from the webpage it shows as


but if you look at the actual download location its or whatever the latest link is

so I assume I have just downloaded version 


To confirm the download page you can use the following in the edge browser you have downloaded from. 



Once installed the executable teams.exe has the version number.  I don't see what good the version number is if the associated changes do not flow with the version numbers eg.. Release notes for Microsoft Teams - Office release notes | Microsoft Docs  the link has release notes for dates but not for version numbers so we have no way of tallying up version numbers with associated fixes.  



@Kevin_Pomerleau very nice!

Thank you! @m77ewl This is a great tip.