Teams SIP gateway PSTN calls have calling number with SIP-URI format preventing redial on Poly phone

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Teams SIP gateway PSTN calls received now have calling number SIP URI in the form of sip:+email address removed for privacy reasons. This is displayed on Poly VVX SIP Gateway registered phones in missed and received call lists. When selecting these entries and pressing re-dial key on Poly VVX450 the call fails.

This has changed only recently - see below phone screenshots of previous call list without the suffix when re-dial worked fine and the current format being received with the suffix where re-dial fails. No sure why this changed and how to fix it - I've logged a ticket with MS but no response yet ?





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Hi all - looks like URL dialing was switched on the Poly phones - disabling it in the VVX 450 configs feature.urlDialing.enabled="0" fixed the problem
I still don't know why this occurred as we had not changed anything on the Poly LENs service and the phones suddenly just stopped being able to re-dial and the calling number appearance changed on the phones to full SIP URI formal <E.164 number> - anyway disabling SIP URL dialing on the phone seems to fix the issue