Teams PHONE app - showing wrong / incorrect status

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I am asking about the Teams phone app only, possibly Android, or even iPhone. I can't tell which one, because it is not on my phone, it is on others' phones.


Some of my colleague's Teams status is green, however they don't reply, no matter how urgent the issue is. Also, some other colleagues who live on the other side of the planet, their status is Red, throughout my daytime, when obviously they should be sleeping through their night time. This is very frequent. The only reasonable explanation is that they have installed Teams on their phone, and their phone is showing this incorrect status to me. When obviously they are away from their laptop AND phone, but their status is green or red, and they don't reply to messages.


As you can guess, this is not a setting that I can change, since it is not on my device. But it is a problem, because my colleague seems to be "available", yet they are not replying. Potentially causing problems with working relations Lol.


Is something on the phone keeping Teams "awake" all the time, even when no one is active on it?


Thanks for any insights that you can provide.


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Available doesn't mean that they are going to reply to you. It's very common that someone pings me just after I leave the room. And yes phone devices can impact this as well.
And for the red, lots of folks, especially in different time zones, set meeting during their off-hours, just so that no one will bother them.
Status is just an indication, not a guarantee of status. I could be showing green and I'm on a cellphone call. I could be red, but the meeting ended early. I could be about anything because I just set it that way.

hi - thanks for the response. I have already considered all such scenarios like "what if this person just left the room", etc. Once someone leaves a room, their status would at least change from green to yellow after a few minutes, but it doesn't - it stays green. Once someone is not using their device (laptop, phone, whatever), because they are at lunch, or sleeping through the night, shouldn't their status change to yellow? But it doesn't - it stays green / red for hours, when they are obviously not even around their device. That cannot happen repeatedly, unless it's a "bug".  If this was an occasional thing I would not need to post to this forum. This is very frequent and consistent. 


Someone can on purpose set status to Yellow, and forget to change it back to green, but not the other way around. We cannot show "Green (available)" even when we haven't touched our device for hours (sometimes up to 12 hours).


Is anyone willing to at least consider the possibility that this may be a bug in the phone app?




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Wow, so this software must not contain absolutely any bugs at all, without question. LOL