Teams Meeting Notes missing from Meetings detail screen

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I am working out an issue for user regarding the meeting notes sections in Teams. Specifically, when they view the meeting details from their team's personal calendar - the Meeting Notes section is missing (example from my calendar):

 My Meeting Details - Meeting Notes visibleMy Meeting Details - Meeting Notes visible




The users:

Impacted users - Meeting notes missingImpacted users - Meeting notes missing


Version of teams:
Meeting type: Private meeting on personal calendar

The user can access the meeting notes by opening the chat for the meeting. The Meeting notes tab is visible, and they can access the content. 

I had the user create a meeting as well as create the meeting notes for that meeting, but they still don't have the associated meeting notes tab when looking at the meeting details page in teams. They do have the pencil and paper icon shown below the date,


Notes iconNotes icon 

but when they click it, nothing happens. This issue is also not isolated to one meeting - it appears to be an issue on all their recent meetings. We tried on another computer as well as in the browser - we can't seem to get the Meeting Notes tab to appear on the meetings details page. 

The only way we can open the notes is by searching for the chat associated with the meeting. The meeting notes tab is visible there and we can open the notes with no issue.

 Meeting ChatMeeting Chat
We have already tried clearing the Teams cache, reinstalled Teams as well, and repaired Office.  Additionally, I verified the "Microsoft Teams Data" folder and wiki folder existed in the users OneDrive and that all looks good. There is no issue opening the content, just a missing meeting notes tab. 

To me, it seems like the issue is either with the Wiki app or something on the Account / policy level. Since the problem follows them to the browser and to different computers. I'm not sure what setting would control if notes show up or not in the meeting details. 

I May need to submit an MS ticket but wanted to check here first :) 





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This is happening to me as well.  I was able to use this thread to find the meeting notes by searching the chat, so thanks for that, and all of the other members of the meeting can still see the meeting notes tab in the meeting invite.  The problems seems only be impacting me.  @Bogdanofff 


It would be great to know if anyone has found a way to add the meeting notes tab back to the meeting invite and make it accessible through the invite.



Hello Jane,

I met with Microsoft support regarding this issue, and I wanted to share their findings. This appears to be a bug related to a new feature that will utilize OneNote for the meeting notes and depreciate Wiki Meeting notes. This has not been released but above is showcasing some behavior of this new feature. MS Support is supplying details back to the production team and will follow up with any information.

More details on the impact of this issue for me - it seems a few users in our organization are experiencing this and the issue can also appear intermittently

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For future onlookers - related thread in MS Answers regarding this issue: 

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I have this situation as well - the Meeting Notes is gone from the main meeting set up. The only way I can get to it is to physically open the meeting, click on the 3 dots and pick Meeting Notes. I also see on some meetings the little pencil with paper (Notes) graphic, it does nothing when clicked on. I have resorted to using the Chat to capture my meeting notes, which I guess is OK for now. It looks like MS put in a bunch of updates to Teams - ultimately something goes by the wayside, I guess it was the Meeting Notes this time...
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