Teams meeting history question

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I have the following scenario here-


There are three email addresses, for simplicity sake I will name them as EmailA, EmailB and EmailC.


My phone has Teams setup and is logged in as EmailA.


EmailB sent a Teams meeting invite to EmailC. I used my phone to open the invite email sent to EmailC, I then joined the Teams meeting as EmailA because I was already logged in as EmailA on Teams.


Is it possible to still view the meeting history in this case? I couldn't find any sort of chat or meeting history under EmailA account. The meeting invite was listed under the calendar for EmailC.

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@EddieH2022 The behavior you are seeing is probably correct, if you are joining the meeting as someone external to the organisation that arranged it you only see chat while in the meeting. The history should be there for Email B as they created the meeting.

@Steven Collier Thank you for your response and explanation.