Teams keeps sending INVITE to 5067

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Hello everyone, 


The story is, I have an SBC that is shared between multiple tenants, using one base domain and different subdoms (as multi tenant should be). But, instead, I separated each tenant with different ports (for a reason). 


There is this one tenant that I assigned port 5069. Call inbound from PSTN to Teams works well, but when call outbound from this tenant, Teams keeps sending INVITE to SBC through 5067 instead 5069. Checked the PSTNGateway setting, the SignalingPort already set to 5069. 

Anyone experienced this before?


Thank you in advance.

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So the tenant reported back that the state of the SBC in the PSTNGateway config was not enabled yet. This even baffles me. When it's not enabled, Teams should not send any INVITE at all. But in this case the INVITE still arrived to SBC, even with different port? Is this by design?