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Hi there,


There are some issues that has been reported by some of our customers site.


1- For a couple of users in one customer site, when they are sharing content through Teams, people that see the content has the share windows flickering, it's happening for several users and I was wondering if there are some issues these last weeks that has been reported to you.


2- second issue reported, is that when they receive a call, there is no notification appearing and when they respond, the call close automatically after less then 5 second without be able to hearing the person calling.


3- And some Teams application that won't open, and after a couple of reboot, it's working,


In these cases I have already test with them the shared screen issue and call notification and reinstalled Teams, it's resolving the issue temporarly, later in the day they reported again that it's happening.


can you help me with that ? 


Thank you

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I'd advise contacting support on these directly/open support cases via the admin center.