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I access a clients Team space as a guest using 2FA on my mobile phone. Now I have a new mobile and I don't know how to replace the old with the new device. All my research funneled me to the "Additional security verification" page. But I can't find a way to access this for my guest account.


Any hint ?


Thank you

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@mwinterbergI am sure you are talking about MFA, not 2FA, if you would like to configure your MFA on your new phone I will suggest visiting it will give you an option if you would like MFA as SMS or as an option in Authenticator app.


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@PDostiyar Oh yes might be MFA. The problem is I can't access that page with the account of the company that I am a guest of. My code lets me only access MS Teams and I would not know how to visit this page in that given context. 

@mwinterbergi don't think the company will enforce to setup MFA or guest accounts it could be you that have MFA setup on your Hotmail,live, or MSN account which is used as guest in that company tenant which you are using to login

@mwinterbergI just had exactly the same issue - I'm a guest in another tenant's team where they require MFA. I was using Google Authenticator and wanted to switch to 1Password.
(Here) I found the solution.

  1. go to
  2. go to the profile where you want to change the MFA device (I had to switch the profile and open the page under 1. anew)
  3. in German the menu entry is called "Sicherheitsinformationen" where you can then delete the old device and add a new one


I have the same issue. I want to change the mobile number for the account I am a guest on. The above suggestions only take me to my own organisations profiles and the client doesn’t appear on the list. I feel I need to de-guest myself and then be re-invited. Unless anyone knows differently?
Thank you Der_Hennie. That worked for me.
Thanks so much. This problem seemed too specific to hope for an answer but your solution worked perfectly.