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The 'run in background' option from Windows is not there and the Hide tick box in users does nothing.


How the hell can I make it run in background on startup? Such a simple feature and it's not there!



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Not an option at the moment I'm afraid and Mac features do trickle out more slowly as a rule.  There is a user voice for it though -

@neo_explorer84 "and the Hide tick box in users does nothing."


I had this too but fixed by:

1. Launch Teams

2. Right-click the Teams icon in the Dock 
3 Select [Options > Open at Login]

This will create a 2nd entry for Teams in the [System > Users & Groups > {Your_profile} > Login Items] list which you will need to also select "Hide"


Weird but works

Correction:   Seems the Hide at login checkbox of the second Teams entry won't stay checked.  BROKEN :(