Teams for linux, arm32 arch support

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As the Subject suggests, is there a possibility to get a arm 32 bit .deb packet built of the linux version of Teams application?


Thank you, BR

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Hi @blazplaskan,

I have opened a uservoice for you here

Would recommend you vote and get others to vote to push this up the agenda. A definite worthwhile add for Linux users.

Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardIs there also a 32 bit Intel version of the Linux desktop app?

Not as far as I know. I would raise a uservoice for it through the link above

@Christopher Hoard 


Kindly request you provide MS teams to support Intel 32-bit laptop with Ubuntu 16 LTS. It is a must for kinds online classes due to Corona crisis. Request you to come up as soon as possible. If already available, please share the details.


Thank you!




@blazplaskan, i need too this version. I use Raspberry PI 4 4gb de ram, i agree with you

Hi ( the link brocken?)
I have an Lenovo MIIX 2 and Windows 10 Pro (run 32 bit!), Intel Atom ARM64 should it run W10 at 64bit?


1. Bios are hidden, WHY?
2. Can't install from USB stick, WHY?
3. My women loves her Tablet, and needs Linux on it!
4. Any one that har a workaround so I can update, before support for W10 Ends?
5. It should be a lot of this type of Q who needs Answer......

And we who has ARM64?
Any help?