Teams files issue: "Reconnecting to server As soon as the connection.."

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Teams files issue: "Reconnecting to server As soon as the connection is restored, we'll complete your last actions"


So we have 3 members of staff trying to use an excel file in a Teams' folder but they keep getting errors like the one above, as well as "The service is unavailable" when trying to open the file either in Teams, Excel Online or Desktop app.


Is this related to issue:  TM242990

We had thought it was our wifi but its also happening on wired devices, its happening on multiple devices and seems to be happening to people on offsite (home) networks.
There doesnt seem to be any other indication of a service issue on microsoft service status
Is anyone else getting those errors when trying to accessM365  files?
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Hi @ThereseSolimeno , thank you for your response.. Unfortunately this was also the case when attempting to open the file using Teams on the web and even through sharepoint online...
It seemed to be something else that was affecting it as so far, yesterday then today we have had no more reports about this..

Thank you though!, its very helpful.



I am experiencing this exact same issue and it started mid-day 10/14/2022. Our IT staff sees nothing network or traffic related and believes it might be spreadsheet related...  All thoughts welcomed while I am leaning toward connection/socket related issues.