Teams Crashes with Bluetooth answered calls

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This happens every single time I receive a phone call (using Business Voice) with Teams.  My desktop and cellphone rings.  I turn my Bluetooth headset on, it tells me connected to Phone 1 and Phone 2 (it's dual so connects to my cellphone and laptop at same time).  I answer the call on my desktop and Teams freezes and cannot hear anyone, cannot click on anything, cannot adjust audio or anything.  I literally have to end task Teams to get it working again.

I can only answer Teams calls on my cellphone with Bluetooth OR make sure I already have my Bluetooth on AND connected to my laptop BEFORE I make or take a call or even join a meeting.  This is absurd.  What also happens is I answer, even though my Bluetooth is connected, it says Call Ended, even though I didn't end the call.  


AND if I keep my Bluetooth on and connected, Teams will eventually just drop the audio and have to use my speakers.


I'm going to have to buy a wired headset.  This is ridiculous.

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@luvsql I have a similar issue. I cannot use the Teams app on W10 at all as it completely knocks out BT devices (Sony WH-1000MX M3 headphones and MS Surface BT Ergonomic keyboard) or the app just hangs and won't go beyond the startup. I have to use the web app and then when someone shares their screen (I'm not 100% sure this is the trigger) it nerfs my keyboard (the wired one I've had to plug in to get round this works fine) until I close the browser to end the call. When I try and type, the whole system (yes - the whole 32GB, i7 PC) locks up for ~5 seconds like some kind of kernel panic and then comes back to life again.


Zoom, Webex, Bluejeans are all fine on exactly the same setup so this is definitely an issue with the MS BT stack or, more likely, what they are trying to do with it in the background.


Quick tip for anyone else: if your BT keyboard won't connect at all after it drops out, just jump into Flight mode an out again and it will reconnect.

@Dizzyfish I now only use my Bluetooth with my mobile phone and bought a wired headset for my laptop with Teams.  Ridiculous but can't work like this.

its the same problem for me, I dont know when the MS team will fix this high-priority bug