Teams Call Transfer No "REFER"

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    We have a working setup Teams<->AudioCodes<->SIP,  and recently call transfer out from Teams has stopped working. AC's captured log shows that SBC is not receiving REFER from Teams. Kindly give me the head-up on where we shall be looking at. 



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If you do not see even REFER on AC SBC side while trying to transfer call I would dig in into reasons on Teams side and not on SBC. I would check calling rights of the person, might be that he/she tries to transfer to number which is not matching any online voice routing policy pattern, hence to restricted number?

@DaveChomi Appreciate your input. It was working fine and out of a sudden, it stopped working. There weren't any changes to the config. In the end, it was resolved by just rebooting the SBC. :facepalm:

I have to acknowledge that we had once the similar case in past when SBC just behaved wrongly and after restart it was resolved. Luckily having those in operation already 3 years this happened once so far and only on one HA pair not on the others...knocking on the wood...