Teams and Citrix using Virtual Desktop

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When are you planning to write an enterprise level application that allows me to share my screen on my work's Virtual Desktop Solution during a meeting?  I use Citrix to access the VDS and my company has switched over to Teams as our internal chat and meetings client, but I cannot hold meetings where I am required to present what is on my screen.


I've been through a number of steps with my local support to try and fix this, including them issuing me a brand new VDS, but upon upgrading to Office 365, my Teams share screen option was once again rendered useless.  They said this is a known issue.


You're MICROSOFT! Did this somehow escape your coders or testers in the process of rolling out and selling an enterprise solution?

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Hello @scorwitz   Thanks for your comments.  One suggestion I can offer is for you to go to our new Feedback Portal and see if anyone else has suggested this feature.  If they have,  you can vote on it and keep track of the progress.  If not, you can create one for others with the same request to vote on.



I’m not suggesting a feature. I’m asking for a basic feature to function. I can’t understand how a common work from home environment wouldn’t have been tested prior to rolling out a product for having virtual meetings.