Tag a person to be notified when they change status

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How do I tag a person for status change if i dont have the person in my chat list already? 

I know i can tag a person if I already have a chat ongoing with them

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This is still possible in teams here is the step to do it,

Search your contact from the top Search bar in Teams > find and click on their name > it will be appear as you are typing a chat with them > now click on 3 dots ... near their name in the same chat history location as you do for others and click notify when available.

hope that helps!

Thank you @PDostiyar that did help! :stareyes:

Another questions is then ;) When I then do have the person in the "recent chat" list but it is 100 years ago since out last chat, then I search him from the search bar and choose name but then the chat is not placed on top and I have to scroll through a lot of chats before finding him in the bottom and also find the 3 dots .. Is there any way around that? So I dont have to scroll down through all the chats? (Lacy problem I know :cool:

unfortunately that is the way you mention by design it is not there.. but there is a User voice for it which will be in production once approve and get more votes...

this is what we have for now, please vote the voice and share it with your network, also close this thread and follow for more updates..

Thank you for referring me to the vote @PDostiyar :smile: Have voted and look forward for the update :stareyes: At least I got 1 issue solved for now :smile: Thank you for the input on both. 

@Simplyshe Yes good news, you can 'pin' a chat to add it in your favourite (top) chats - look for the 3 dots to the right. Then you can simply drag and drop the chats of interest to re-order them accordingly!