Sound devices issue with steelseries usb headset

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This issue exists for a long time so i decided to write about it. When i connect my old but working Steelseries siberia prism v2 usb headset to PC teams application suddenly says, that i have no audio devices connected to PC (speakers and microphones) even when i have plenty of those connected (mic/speakers built in laptop, TV audio output, another display audio output, external mic and sennheiser headset [with mic]). In the same time windows can see devices as usual. When i plug steelseries headset out of USB teams goes back to normal. Headset works on the same PC and other PCs as well, but not in teams.

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@jeba695 Non-certified devices should work with Teams, but you may want to consult this list of devices too.  

Headsets, Earbuds, and Headphones | Teams devices (

Perform a hardware reset
Check the microphone settings
Update your audio driver
Allow access to your SteelSeries Arctis 7 microphone
Reinstall the SteelSeries Engine Software

This May Work,

@roman_frillarte the thing you wrote is ridiculous - issue is that all audio devices stops working in teams when i plug a headset. Even if teams doesn't want to work with specific device (what is not normal in case of audio devices) it should see other audio devices. It's a bug.