Short Cut Key for Mute All


Is there one?


Can't see one listed - it's really awkward having to open participants to get this.


If there isn't, could we have one ASAP? (PS if you work for MS please don't tell me to go to Uservoice I am really busy and the interface is so slow - why don't you do it for me?)


I assume that there is some clever macro/PowerShell type things that someone could do?

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Hi, @Ian Cunningham.  The shortcut key for mute is CTRL-SHIFT-M.  You can find a list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams at


Hope this is what you were looking for.  

Thanks to that but I don#t think that's correct - the shortcut you mention just mutes me.

I want to Mute all (as per the option in the participant list ie.. "Short Cut Key for Mute All"

It's a very useful feature for well-managed meetings as it stops background noise, careless comments (people have to enable) and most importantly the feedback that happens particularly when people are using devices like laptops without headsets.

It is very awkward having to open one of the current fixed participants' windows to then click the option with a mouse.

I'd rather hoped the lack of a mention was just an oversight in documentation as it is a vitally useful option for most of us running committee etc. rather than informal chats.

Ian is right. As a teacher trying to teach using teams, I have to constantly interrupt my lesson to go back to the participant screen to mute all. Zoom is much easier in this regard as there is a shortcut key you can use at any time. This is a very needed feature and I really hope this is provided asap.

@Ian Cunningham I ask all annoyed and stressed meeting owners to vote for and to share the corresponding request on UserVoice. Currently there are just 12 votes, including me. ;) Thanks!

This would be a great feature - having the option to quickly mute all would stop some awkward moments and wasted time trying to mute a colleague - especially for the presenter.