SharePoint online migration from on-prem

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I would like to know about migrating our on-premises SharePoint 2019 infrastructure to SharePoint Online. My primary inquiry revolves around the compatibility of SharePoint Online with customized C# batch jobs(C# projects like dll and exe).

Is it possible to deploy custom batch jobs in any commercial cloud such as AWS or Azure?


Does anyone have any suggestion for custom batch job deployment and how can to trigger that?

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You will need to rewrite the code of those batch jobs to be able to work with SharePoint Online (If that's the move you are thinking) and deploy them in a suitable way (Azure Functions, Azure Automation). If you are thinking on moving the infraestructure, you might consider to build a FARM in IaaS mode in Azure and them do just a migration of your SP 2019 OnPrem deployment to that that case you can also move your batch jobs there.