Set up Teams with work email

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Hi all , I have an account and an email set up for Teams that is private .

I would like to set up meeting and invite participant using my work account . Can y pls help me ? 

If I try to add it ..system block me . Thanks


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Hi @IlariaItaly ,


When you say you have an email setup for Teams that is private? What is the Private bit? The use of Teams within, so a Private Channel of a Team or a Team with the Privacy type of Private?


Onto your second point, I am presuming you have accessed Teams successfully using your work account via either the Desktop application or the Web version?


Now at this point are you trying to add someone into a meeting that is outside of your organisation and being blocked?


Also what type of meeting are you trying to setup? A Meet Now bound to a channel or a scheduled meeting via the Teams Client or setup via Outlook? Or just an on demand call with someone via the Chat area of Teams.


I can imagine that regardless of the above and if I am assuming correctly that you are trying to invite someone into a meeting from outside your organisation it is more than likely due to restrictions set at the Org level, in which case you would need to contact one of your administrators that look after your organisations tenant.





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech Hi Henry thanks .

I'm not able to access with my work account : it result blocked , Microsoft support reply now to me saying that accounts need to be update manually by them but I need to contact Teams support 

Now contact they gave to me seems not working 



Are you able to provide a screenshot of the exact message you are getting.


Has your account been licensed for Teams?







Yes below screenshot of work account reply if I try to login




About licence when I buy my PC I have Microsoft licence recorded under another account (private that I mentioned) . I assume all in .



Did you specify a phone number as part of account creation or afterwards?


So if you click on Enter what do you see then?


Does it partially show a number that it is trying to send the code to?





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It will ultimately need to be Microsoft that sorts this type of block however and I am sure you have probably been here but I can only recommend:


And if you are unable to do the verification method, choose the virtual agent option until eventually you are routed to a human being and then take it from there.





thanks a lot for all your support.



I'm interested to test drive the free version of MS Teams (i have a very small team) before considering switching over to a paid version.

My question: if I sign up for my free account with work email, and my team does the same, and we decide to move over to the paid version, can we all shift over and keep the current work addresses?  Would this pose a problem in converting our accounts?