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Use Microsoft at work I have saved various conversations and when I go to my profile picture and click Saved nothing is there but when I go back to a message I know I saved and go to save it again it says “Unsave this message” so I know it's saved it's just not showing up in my Saved under my profile. Any help would be most appreciated. Office 365 E3 subscription. 

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what happens when you use the /saved command in the search box?

@gmoseley  Thank you for taking the time to reply. I tried that I get the same results. The message that I have save are not showing up as saved message. Seems like they only stay saved the day I save them after that the message itself is still there but it does not show in my saved messages anymore. 

@Rick Venuto well on one hand it makes me feel good that it wasn't just an easy answer I do not feel too stupid. But on the other hand I do not have an answer so I will continue to look. 

@Rick Venuto 


In My case I just sign out and sign in my MS Teams The saved message were re appeared.

@Rick Venuto I suggest you try logging in again, I had the same problem before but now it's working fine after I logged out and logged in again

@ragulnk Thanks for the tip I could not find my saved messages I signed out and signed back in and I see them now!!