Room scheduling and access to chat

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When using room scheduling, where the link to the Teams meeting is in that invite, would the recipient also get access to the chat? We know there is an option to only give invited guests access to the chat when setting up a Teams meeting. I need to understand if there is an additional step that our staff would need to do to restrict that chat access.





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@COB_Jimmy are you inviting people from your organisation or external? External will only have access to chat for the duration of the meeting. You can also disable chat for users though either the Guest or User meeting policy.

What are you trying to achieve?

As Steve mentioned, what are you trying to achieve? Are you referring to the Room Resource account (the room that has been booked) having access to the chat? Not unless someone has the room account details and logs into a client/browser. Otherwise if there is a MTR or other VTC in the room, they can't access the chat.
Thanks all. I think all I am trying to achieve is a better understanding on how to set meeting chat settings when using scheduler. I'm getting clarification from the people who asked me this question what they mean by "scheduler." But I can see how to change this setting on the ways I know how to schedule a meeting - whether in Teams or Outlook.