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Hello, may I know why it's 2020 and replying to a comment is still NOT A FEATURE on desktop app?

Why things like video background made the cut but not Replying To A Comment on Desktop?

This is 2020 and literally every single communication app can do that, but not a chat app geared toward enterprises?


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@depwnz Well, I hear you on this one. For what it's worth it's "on the backlog"...


If you would like to do it manually.


1. Mark the post/reply and copy it
2. Go to the "Type a new message" field (bottom) or choose "Reply"
3. Press shift and >
4. Paste and press Enter twice
5. Reply


***UPDATE*** The roadmap id Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365 (April CY2021).

That is on the backlog. Vote for it and comment on uservoice.


You can reply to a chat message in mobile app, but it would be great it worked in channel conversations too.

thanks mate
I saw that it's on the backlog last year and it's still "on the backlog" now. I mean, how hard is it to code the most simple, but most important feature that already works on mobile?

I use that quote button but it's such a chore.
for security reason, I only use Teams on my work laptop.

Maybe not so hard to develop that but they also have to consider other things like compliance, notifications and other stuff. So it is not just that function they have to develop. Also they have x numbers of developers, so Microsoft must consider how important a feature is to their customers. I guess a feature like Together mode creates a bigger buzz among customers than a reply function.


But as I wrote, vote and comment on the uservoice. Comments are important for Microsoft to see why something is needed.

@Linus Cansby 

... also have to consider other things ... like the background? Sure, the background is much more important than compliance & notifications ...

@depwnz I would also suggest adding status marking emoji's (ie checkmark, stop sign, etc) be added to the quick emoji fly-out menu. I use these to mark requests as being done since there is no reply feature within the desktop app.


I snip the message (WindowsKey+Shift+S) and paste it into the text box. Then I start typing. This is just the way I found till Microsoft releases a solution.

Microsoft is still behind some of the other Apps like Whatsapp etc. in this feature. its useless to snip and paste

 I agree. Recently they added to edit and delete feature.

Now Microsoft should add reply like they added the edit feature and delete feature @depwnz 

This workaround makes me want to cry. 5 steps, when it should be one. I can't believe this is still not here with over 40,000 votes. This makes MS look amateur.

The interesting thing about this is that if you are chatting in a "Team" you can reply to specific messages, just not in individual or group chats....



I stumbled on a means to reply to a "chat" in Teams from my iPad - swipe right on the chat and it will copy that chat and let you reply to it.  Real cool.   I headed over to the desktop app and still no way to do it there.    Obviously in a channel you can reply direct to a conversation to keep it all together, but so far, I only see it easily done from the Ipad/iPhone (have not tried Android - would assume it would work on any mobile device) in the chats.

@depwnz 2021 and still no solution...

Wondering if there is any update on the reply option on the desktop app.

@depwnz  2021 and still can't reply on desktop

News about this feature? Does anyone have a release date for this?
Step by step video on How To Quickly Reply To a Specific Message on Teams Desktop