Recording Failed To Upload To Stream

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I have recently subscribed to teams and  record a meeting in teams and my recording did not start, it shows meeting failed to upload to stream. Can some once can tell how to fix this issue ?

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Hello, what subscription do you use? In order to upload to Stream automatically you'll need a Stream license. But if not using a Stream license the recording will instead be saved in Teams (AMS) with a 21-day limit.

If you're using a A1 for example the Stream license won't solve the automatic part anyway as it's been put on hold due to the change of storage location for Teams meetings recordings.

Adding this for reference:

@ChristianBergstrom  - Have subscription to Microsoft 365 Business Basic, i have enabled stream license too.  spoke to customer support team.  They have updated some policies in teams, it may take up to 24 hours to reflect. 

That's great. Good service from the support. If you're interested you can see this as well