"New" Microsoft Teams has broken Virtual Cameras... again.


It's been working for quite a while with the "Classic" Teams, but recently my org has required "New" Teams and my camera setup (a Logitech StreamCam on Mac) is now broken.

I use iGlasses to bring the camera crop in to a good profile without having to reposition the camera itself (iGlasses lets you zoom and pan in the virtual camera) now shows no video when selected.  If I switch back to "Classic" Teams it works fine (and works fine with Zoom, OBS, and any other applicable software.)

Yes, I've tried restarting, reinstalling, removing all the library cruft, etc. and repro'd on another Mac.

Known bug? Priority?  Is anyone on the Teams teams monitoring this community?

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Could it be that it is a policy of your company? As I use a mac and use virtual cams all the time.

@paul keijzers 

I don't work for a company with policy, just a guy with an o365 account.  And it used to work for "Classic" Teams.  And the manufacturer of iGlasses tells me it's a Microsoft change.  

@RicBret Same here - been using classic teams, for the virtual camera (the USB camera with default settings over saturates, and under gammas)


It's odd because, you can PICK the virtual camera, it just doesn't get the video data.


But the really strange thing is, and I say this having done 5 years at microsoft, and 20+ years working with the AVFoundataion framework - YOU HAVE TO WRITE EXTRA CODE TO MAKE THIS *NOT* WORK.

So if the Teams team would just use the Apple Docs / sample app on how to pull the AVCaptureDevice, and just grab the frames, it would "just work" - that's the whole basis of iGlasses and virtual cameras.

@Pixeled yeah, worse yet is you get the lazy Teams tech support answer that defies logic, that it must be the 3rd party vendor and "no, I'm not filing a bug on this." Frankly they've been told NOT to file bugs (they told me this!) and they don't care that they're not supporting anyone. The fact that it still works on Classic Teams and used to work on New Teams, man, it's just aggrivating. I wouldn't use Teams at all if it wasn't required for two "agencies" I work with. And I'm sure as hell not recommending it to anyone over other products that actually work well. (BTW- I did 17 years at MSFT in development.)

Just wanted to mention that I have exactly the same problem since the last update of Teams. If I select iGlasses, it just transmits a black screen. And that must be a problem of Teams because it did work with the earlier version for years.