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Hi there,

Thinking of trying to use the praise badges - with customisations to our values - but no point even starting if there isn't a way of getting reporting - weekly/monthly/annually - so that our rewards can be tied to this. So if someone got 10 more praise badges in the week for 'customer service' then we can recognise appropriately  - simila

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Hi @Tracey11

Praise 'could' get metrics if, for example, you added a prefix to the praise message, used that as a trigger in Power Automate and that went into a list to analyse. However, that's way to convoluted and probably impractical org wide.

You would be looking for an app in Teams with metrics. Kudos would be such an App

Praise is very basic. Whilst Kudos would have a cost, if it's linked to KPI's and bonuses for example then it's important to get the right app

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

We need this function as a MS original function.
But no update for User's Voice over 2 years.

@Tracey11 I have actually built this. The workflow to get it is quite complex as you have to do a lot to get there but this is the output to a Microsoft List each time someone posts praise in a Team.




Oh my God, that's what i need)) Could you please explain how you did it? In PowerAutomate or in PowerApps? I would like to make a site/app in Teams or SharePoint where my team can see our praises.
Sure I will do a post on it next week to my company account - give it a follow and I will be building a Microsoft Teams App as a solution soon and will put it on App Source so will be able to just download it from there
That's awesome @steve_port

Yeah, 100% agree get it on appsource as an official Microsoft Teams app so it's in the App Store and in the TAC. Microsoft are big into App Monetisation too at the moment so make sure to build it in that it can be brought as a subscription directly in the TAC :D

Best, Chris
That's fantastic @steve_port thanks for sharing this info I will download it when ready!
That's great! I will be glad to study.
Register below for the live build and walkthrough for this solution.

I will be doing a guided walkthrough of the solution next week
Hi alexkoroleva, live walkthrough coming next week on how to do this.

@steve_port I missed the webinar you had on this.  I would LOVE to know how to do this!!!   I tried looking for a place to download it so I could watch it.  Could you post a link to it?  I went to your LinkedIn page and saw the post but didn't find a download.  Thanks!!!   You Rock!

Steve, this looks like something that could be very helpful for my company. Am I correct that the flow you created only monitors a specific TEAMS channel? If so, are you aware of any way to build a flow that monitors all of TEAMS? Our users often send praise through 1:1 Chats. We also have several dozen working Teams in TEAMS from which folks might send praise. I'm hoping there is a way to capture all of the praise across TEAMS. Thanks a ton for your insight and contributions.
It is possible as there are options in Power Automate and the Graph API however, I am not sure how scalable it would be and would require significant work. It might be better to put some pressure on Microsoft to add this as a feature to the roadmap? I'm thinking a feature in Viva Insights would be ideal, although knowing Microsoft they might make this only available as part of the paid version.

@all Just want to add this in case someone has overlooked the change.


Starting February 2022, people can only send and receive default badges. Custom badges are no longer available and options for custom badges have been removed from the Teams admin center. From my understanding telemetry showed too small percentage using the customization part.

@ChristianJBergstrom  I noticed the 1 custom badge I had was removed.  It was being used to show someone got a compliment from a client outside of our organization.   Thanks Microsoft!

Yes saw this after I had started working on the next steps. I have also updated the workflow as Microsoft made a change to the output structure of the message so you'll need to make some small updates in order for it to still work.