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Hi there,

Thinking of trying to use the praise badges - with customisations to our values - but no point even starting if there isn't a way of getting reporting - weekly/monthly/annually - so that our rewards can be tied to this. So if someone got 10 more praise badges in the week for 'customer service' then we can recognise appropriately  - simila

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Hi @Tracey11

Praise 'could' get metrics if, for example, you added a prefix to the praise message, used that as a trigger in Power Automate and that went into a list to analyse. However, that's way to convoluted and probably impractical org wide.

You would be looking for an app in Teams with metrics. Kudos would be such an App

Praise is very basic. Whilst Kudos would have a cost, if it's linked to KPI's and bonuses for example then it's important to get the right app

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

We need this function as a MS original function.
But no update for User's Voice over 2 years.