Org-Wide Team in Tenant with A5 Licenses?

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Hi all,


we have a tenant with A5 licenses. I configured my global admin to use one of them and made sure Teams is active as app.


However i am unable to create an org-wide team, the option just doesnt show up. Is this not an option for tenants using education licenses?


Best Tobias

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When an organization-wide team is created, all Global Administrators and Teams Administrators are added as team owners and all active users are added as team members. Team members can't leave an organization-wide team, but team owners can manually add or remove users if needed. When Teams automatically adds or removes someone, a notification is sent to the General channel.

Unlicensed users are also added to the team. The first time an unlicensed user signs in to Teams, they're assigned a Microsoft Teams Exploratory license. To learn more about the Exploratory license, check out Manage the Microsoft Teams Exploratory license.

The following types of accounts won't be added to your organization-wide team:

  • Accounts that are blocked from sign-in
  • Guests
  • Resource or service accounts (for example, accounts associated with auto attendants and call queues)
  • Room or equipment accounts
  • Accounts backed by a shared mailbox

Use organization-wide teams in Microsoft Teams to help everyone collaborate - Microsoft Teams | Micr...


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Hey, this describes what happens when you create an org-wide team. However, i cannot create or-wide teams. Thats the problem.
did you try to create a normal team and convert it to wide-teams ?

Convert an existing team to an organization-wide team. Go to the team name, and click More options > Edit team.

How big is your organisation? If you have over 10,000 licensed members you won’t be able to create org-wide teams.

There’s also a limit of  5 org-wide teams per tenant.

Here’s some more info on limitations:

Good Morning, its only giving me the options to edit the team to a private or public team. Org-Wide doesnt show up
Hey, we are way beyond this limit, we have less than 400 Users and no or-wide team so far
Any more ideas?