MS Teams client only works with inside Org contacts, crashes on outside contact meetings

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Windows 10 Enterprise, 21H2, Build 19044.1466.  MS Teams client build  I've had this laptop for 2 months - Dell Precision 5560 - top of the line, great specs.  Whenever I have an outside contact send me a teams meeting, I can't join the call.  It's not a site or tenant permission issue.  worked fine before I replaced the laptop on my old model, Precision 5530.  It keeps me in the lobby - even when others say I've been admitted.  Or it will crash the entire client and restart MS Teams.  Other times it will join but then suddenly mic and speakers show they aren't available and if I leave teams there for 45-60 secs - then the devices suddenly show up.  None of these problems exist with other calls and meetings with contacts inside the company - only with outside groups.  I can use the MS Teams web client and it works fine and uses the webcam and speakers just fine.  I know everyone will think it's the permission to connect to outside groups - but that isn't it.  I've removed MS Teams many times, go to %appdata% and remove all references and folders with Teams.  reboot and try it again and still fails.  I have a ton of software on this laptop and it's my daily driver and not too inclined to rebuild the OS just to fix MS Teams.  It will take better part of a week to get it all loaded up.  I don't get any errors from the app when it crashes, the other times I get the no mic or camera/speakers, it clears itself up if I just leave it alone.  all other calls and video chats with my staff work great - no delays, no crashes, all devices map through just fine.  


Does anyone have any ideas?  Has anyone else ran into this weird behavior when connecting to meetings from outside agencies?  I can use the MS Teams client on my iPad and it works fine and as I mentioned the web browser client for MS Teams works too on my Win10 laptop - just not the way I want to run it.

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