Mircrosoft Teams and MFA for office365

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Hi Tech users,

We have recently enrolled MFA for certain users (senior management & Sales team etc.) in company for better Email security on Office365.

The rest employee restricted to use company intranet for emails or other office365 apps via Remote desktop or RealVNC or work directly on their machines in office.

The issue arise that many of these people used to have teams on their mobiles or WFH laptops. As they are not MFA setup and restricted to use office network, they cannot login to Teams.

Can we keep Teams out of MFA and other network restriction policy? Can teams work independently and not just as whole office365 MFA umbrella like Zoom or Google Duo?

Kind regards,

Sanjay Patel

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Yes but you need to utilize conditional access then! This requires AAD premium licensing as well though


You mean conditional access, don't you? ^-^
Yup! Conditional access it is! (Swedish keyboard syndrome)
Hi Adam,
Thank you for best suggestion. We have now done changes to this and teams works out of network without MFA requirement. Thank you again for correct and quick help.