Microsoft Teams with Bluetooth headset error

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I allow myself to contact you regarding Microsoft Teams

We have been having random problems with Bluetooth headset for 2 weeks
I have the impression that on the preliminary version I do not have the concern

When calling we got this message:




Latest Teams Version Installed

We tested on several domain and non-domain computers
We deleted the cache and completely uninstalled the Teams application and all directories but we still have the problem,
Even on an installation on a new pc
We have done other tests with airpods, same problem
No problem with usb wired headphones

Could you tell me if there is a box already open at Microsoft on this subject and is planning an update soon?


I see that there are several people having the same problem on this thread : TEAMS - La mémoire de votre ordinateur est insuffisante. Changez - Communauté Microsoft


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@GD-ALTI  Currently there are no Teams certified devices that are Bluetooth only, all certified devices need to come with their own USB dongle. If you use a Teams certified devices you won't have issues.


That's an unusual error message, perhaps your devices bluetooth consumer lots of memory for some reason, hard to really think why that would be.