Microsoft Teams: User request flows for blocked apps

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Does anyone know if there is a way to disable this new feature and re-hide all disabled apps from our end users? We do not want our users to be able to start requesting apps we have disabled.

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Hi, I'm with you here. Don't really get the idea of not presenting the possibility to actually hide those apps I don't want my users to use. I have provided feedback from the Message center but haven't received any response, at least not yet. So as of today I can't find any way of doing it.

They said "We are excited to bring this feature to our users, and we look forward to building on top of this. Stay tuned for more updates about this experience in the coming months." So let's hope they will implement that as well.
did you find how to hide apps? We did work with the policy .. I think you have to block them .
I've requested for Microsoft support to turn this feature off on our tenant for now.
I'm gonna do some testing here as well, just haven't had the time. As it seems right now using a setup from a test tenant where I'm only allowing one (1) third-party app with a app permission policy the users can request all others, as they're having the lock icon.

did that work? where they able to disable it?

@alex_decaesteker The request has been put in, but it can take about 2 to 3 weeks they said to complete on our tenant they said.

Did they end up disabling it? It's such a terrible feature we'd like to turn it off too if possible.

@Christopher Neuendorf yes in the end it did end up getting disabled!

Thanks!! Also MC394931 just showed up today in our Message Center today. Looks like enough people are complaining that they are giving us options to control it! It's a start.
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@blue_man As mentioned above the possibility is coming.


"As an administrator, if you prefer to deactivate the ability for users to see and request apps that are blocked from use, you will be able to do so via PowerShell that is expected to be delivered in January 2023. We will update this message once the PowerShell script is available."



Updated January 6, 2023: ”We are pleased to announce that the phased release of the PowerShell script to deactivate the ability for users to see and request blocked apps will begin in early February, with full general availability in March. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay and appreciate your patience as we work to improve this feature.”

@ChristianJBergstrom Hey Christian,

are there any news about this feature?

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