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Microsoft Teams RoOms : Theme Template (Font color)

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Dear Microsoft,


   We are having our Albert Czech republic headquters equiped with about 40 Microsoft Teams Rooms rooms and in many others across the globe.


Questions are:

- How to use full capability of screen resolution for background ?

Some of our screens are capable of doing 3840 x 2160 pixels with 30hz refresh rate and we want to use pictures with 7680x 2160 dimensions. 

Microsoft suggests actually only "lowresolution dimensions 3840X1080 pixels" for two screens background. 


- How to change font color on default screen? (or how to create our own template, we need bright backgrounds, ...)

Default screen means when Microsoft Teams Rooms NUC system got signal from TAP sensor, then following screen appears...
(on picture in first position is "Default Template", second is our "Actual Template" and in third position is "Template that we need").


Custom Theme Photoshop Template

Microsoft Teams Rooms - Font color.jpg


Please help.
We tried scripts and steps from:

Remotely manage Microsoft Teams Rooms device settings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs



(<Theming> <ThemeName>Custom</ThemeName> <CustomThemeImageUrl>file name</CustomThemeImageUrl> <CustomThemeColor> <RedComponent>0</RedComponent> <GreenComponent>255</GreenComponent> <BlueComponent>0</BlueComponent> </CustomThemeColor> </Theming>)


...did changes only for background.

... on following picture there is green color that we put into script and we have been looking for as Font color. But this green is showed only in menu in  location where is possible to choose betwen Templates.
This green does not appear anywhere on screen.  

Thank you so much for reply

Best wishes

Jan Tvrdík
IT Specialist 

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Huge Hi to anybody :),


  Please, we would appreciate even help with those templates provided via Microsoft .

Does anybody have any idea if there is any for example HTML5 Template (customizable)? Or how are those Templates constructed?

The Scripts provided on Microsoft pages shows posibilities to change colors for Custom Templates, but we still have no idea how to create such "Own Design of Reactive Template".



We found our own workaround, but this is not usefull for cases when we need to often change backgrounds due to Marketing and Corporation needs.


"unusefull workaround for weekly changing wallpapers":

create JPG background with integrated rectangle about 40% of transparency

not only because our monitors are from many different makers with different resolutions, we have no chance to know where exactly those rectangles we should place. So before changing each screen we have to arange exactly possitions for about 3 to  10 times in picture editor and also with any following background change.unusefullworkaround.jpg


Because we are in corporate retail, we are also about seasons and daily new adverts, so we also needs to update those backgrounds very often.

And truly our workaround works for final users, but this workaround really does not work for all of us who are maintaing those devices!



Looking forward for help with Microsoft Teams Rooms Templates.



Best regards 


Jan Tvrdík

IT Specialist


Following picture shows:


Time and room details are positioned originally from Microsoft, but appearance on our screens is equal to position of showed rectangles for Philips monitor (we also do have Samsung, Panasonic, ... with different pixel dimensions)


@CyDraY I've never got the RGB colours to do anything.  Maybe @Greg Baribault has an idea on this?

Good afternoon Graham,

Does anybody know if Microsoft is going to release some major updates for Microsoft Teams Rooms (including solutions for issues above:) ) ?

Best regards

Jan Tvrdík