Microsoft Teams Mobile app doesn't open. "Teams isn't responding"

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Our company has had several Android mobile devices that as of yesterday July 16th 2020 have been having trouble even opening the app. The cellular phones are Samsung A10e and the Note 8. We've gone through this as recommended on previous threads:  


- Clearing Cache & Data of "MS authenticator app" and Teams.
- Uninstall both apps.
- Reinstall teams and VPN to my company.  
- Then I was able to successfully logged in to corporate Teams.


NO SUCCESS. We are currently able to access Microsoft Outlook, yet the Teams app won't open and if it does it only opens once. The app needs to stay open and the second you close it or restart your phone you have to do the exact same process as listed in the thread above^^.  Please any advice would be crucial.


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Hello @AlexW2235  This article literally just was published (4 days ago).  Hope it helps.