Microsoft Teams Guest User Limits & Licensing

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I am planning to use Teams as the hub for an online mastermind community and various classes I am hosting online, and need the ability to add about 10 to 20 guest users to various Microsoft Teams.


Based on what I've read so far (e.g., it appears that there is currently no set limit on how many guest accounts I can create within Microsoft Teams. 


  • Is this correct?
  • If not, what is the limit, and how can a purchase additional guest licenses if needed?
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There is no hard limit, and there is no Guest user license. However, Microsoft "reports on" (and might "enforce") a 1:5 ration between the number of licensed users in the tenant and guest users, as detailed for example here:

Thank you Vasil - this is a very helpful response. I definitely have enough licensed users to run my program without exceeding a 1:5 use/:guest ratio, so I guess I can just cross the bridge of additional users/guests when I come to it.