Microsoft Teams and use of conference rooms in the future

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I am curious how you all see your conference rooms being used in the future with regards to doing meetings over Microsoft Teams.  In our org, COVID pushed Teams to greater use and people are having a lot of success working from home and joining remotely for Teams meetings over video.  When we do go back to work, there will be a portion back in the office and many still working remotely -- some coming in once or twice a week.  The continual use of Microsoft Teams meetings with video will be something our org wants us to continue with.  Some our throwing out the notion that they don't want to be in meetings where a few join over a video meeting in a room, and others have their own dedicated window.  Is anyone else hearing this?  "All in the room, or none in the room", so everyone has the same experience?  This may mean folks joining at their desks and skipping the conference room altogether.  I would love to hear about what your org is thinking about the use of conference rooms and joining people together in video meetings in the future post COVID19.

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Hello @Glen Davis  Not only is our group going to continue to call in individually but most of us will still be working remotely through at least the end of the calendar year.  So it's hard to tell yet what's going to happen to conference room meetings onsite.