Microsoft Team Meeting Scheduling - Sender Address

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Our company, like many, are using Teams at this time to help meet client needs for video meetings.


My scenario and question is as follow, as an example:


I have my email account.  In Outlook 365 I have that email and also another work email (from Gmail) connected in it.


When I am in Teams and I try to schedule a meeting with someone the invite they get in their email shows the invite coming from my email but I would rather it shows that it is coming from my Gmail email.


Is there a way to do this? I cannot seem to find any option.


Please advise.

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Which one do you use to sign into Teams? @LeoB-TLB 

AFAIK you can’t unless you used that address to sign up to Teams free

Cześć Myślę że jest taka możliwość !
W ustawieniach Outlook trzeba ustawić alias do Gmail i wtedy odpowiedzi na zaproszenia będą w Gmail i ten adres będzie widoczny!
Ja tak nie ustawiam ale można spróbować powinno działać !
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