Microphone on MS Teams suddenly stops working.

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Hello, my microphone always stops working after 5-10 mins during any MS Teams session on my windows 10, I then have to unplug the headset and plug it again to make it start, even after that it stops working exactly after few mins. I have tried almost every solution like changing headphones and reinstalling the drivers as well but nothing works, kindly help.

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If you’ve tried switching them out, I’d suggest this is a hardware or driver issue. Have you updated the audio drivers?


Yes I uninstalled and then reinstalled the audio drivers @adam deltinger 

Is it the same issue on the both the desktop and web client of Teams?

I have not tried the web client of teams.
Wat type of Microphone? Usb? headset?

I have tried several handsfree and wireless earphones, same issue with all devices.
Do you have access to the Teams admin portal?
You can go to the user and see the logs of the meeting/chat. You can find alot of info and maybe find a tip here.
Yes same issue on both desktop and web client.