microphone at -12db keeps peaking and distorting in meetings

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I'm using a Shure SM7B going in to an audient evo4 audio interface, and also have an inline booster to add more gain to the microphone.  The setup is not specifically for teams meetings, but I have it setup at my desk and prefer if I could use it for this as well.


If I monitor my audio on my pc and on the evo4, my audio is around -12db and nowhere near peaking, but in teams its peaking and distorting.  When I watch back some meeting recordings, my audio constantly peaks and gets distorted.  I have a similar issue in zoom but not to the extent of Teams.


I've tested with the call back feature a lot but the quality of the playback on that is so low its sometimes hard to tell if my audio is distorting. It sounds like there's a gain boost happening server side, somewhere between 6-12dB.  Is there any information on this? 

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Pull the booster out?????

@Ed Woodrick dynamic mics generally need booster for normal talking volumes.  I can control the gain on my audio device, so for arguments sake its at 80%.  The problem is if I forget to change the gain back down when I go to a teams meeting, the audio peaks. Vice versa if I forget to turn the gain back up, my other work doesn't have the right volume, where I would need it at 90-95% for arguments sake.  

But if Teams didn't boost the audio, then I could rely on my audio interface to give me the right levels.