Message deleted still visible...

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When a message has been sent and then deleted, it always appears in the conversation stream. Why is it impossible to make it disappear?

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Hi, you mean chat message is deleted by you but still visible in the ”Activity feed”? Have noticed that myself, especially when someone has reacted on it. Then it just stays there indefinitely.


*edit* Have to adjust my reply as it's not there anymore. Could be that I removed Teams and reinstalled recently. Or perhaps it's just a case of waiting for it to be permanently deleted, didn't think about taking a look online to see if it was still there.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom 

Thanks for the confirmation! The messages are 8 months old... so no hope on this side...

@PhilPB Hi, out of curiosity. Are you the only one experiencing this? Business/Enterprise subscription? If it's only you surely it can be fixed with some easy troubleshooting steps or to narrow down what's causing this. To start with adding to the question above, how does it look using Teams online?