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Hello community,


I am wondering if there is any way you can link meetings chat to a Teams channel.


Scenario: Teams meeting held from Teams calendar, and during the meeting lots of material has been dropped into a chat channel created from that meeting (Chat with Participants).

There is a Team channel that has been created as part of a project that the meeting was needed for, and we want to link the meeting chat directly back to the Team itself.

Either in the form of a hyperlink, or a Tab... basically any way!


Alas, despite much searching, opening the Team in SharePoint and have a good deep look there doesn't appear to be any way bar cutting and pasting into the Team.

Most methods of cut and paste you actually lose all the formatting, and the only one I have found which retains it is dropping it in a word document and then linking the word document as a tab in the Teams channel - this is clunky however.


Any advice gratefully received please!


Thanks, Ali.

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Short answer is no, you cannot move or link to that chat other than just linking the meeting join link in a channel chat.

Long answer, you can schedule these meetings to take place in the actual channel then all the chat activity will be placed in a new conversation for the meeting so that it is there for consumption. That is how you can get the chat into a Team channel currently.

@Chris Webb Hi, 

Is there any way to link an existing meeting, created with Outlook, to a Teams Team??

Many thanks in advance!!

To a Teams meeting yes, edit the original invite in Outlook and click the "Teams Meeting" button and send out the updated invite. This assumes you have the Teams Desktop client installed and the Outlook add-in.

If you mean a Channel meeting inside of Teams then no you cannot.

@Chris Webb Thanks, that's what I thought!!! Many thanks for clarifying though!

> Short answer is no
Such a pitty :(
This is really a fundamental feature MS Teams must have ! Chats are all over but there's no way for us to link to the Channels.