Live Events for A1 Subscription

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I have seen an last month updated feature blog and I found that it said it will upgrade O365 A1 Faculty license for MS Teams’ for free until July. I would like to ask that whether this feature is enabled yet as it said it will be upgraded at the beginning of this month. And if it is now enabled, how can I know if it is enabled in my tenant.


Thank you

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@SupakarnL I've been following it too. As with previous updates they used the word "starting" so it cannot really be challenged. Patience is key. 

I am also waiting for this to be enabled and I spoke to Microsoft yesterday and they said it’s a phased rollout.

Would be interested to hear if anyone has this on A1 yet?



Our tenant has this now.


@Kevlav I think we have it too till July 


but dont you need to register all invited guests otherwise they will need Teams account