Issues with Teams meeting

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one of my colleague setup a large training session and some of participants reported not being able to get in to the meeting with error message "Sorry, your company policy prevents you from joining this call" as what is shows in the error message attached. is there any one came cross this issue before or any idea?




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Hi @Mohamed_Abdelrahman

A few ideas

1.) Was the number of attendees more than the meetings limit? (Currently 250)
2.) Did some of the attendees try to join anonymously (I.e. via the browser without credentials)? It could be because anonymous join is set to off in meeting policies

Let me know if any of those fits here

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard ,

Hi Christopher,

The invitation were sent for around 240 users but actually 120 users joined the meeting and the rest of participants got this error message, is there any policy on Teams i could review it?

as i know users tried to join from Teams client from the Desktop, i tried to help on of the impacted users but no luck.


any idea to investigate why we're getting this issue?




Good Morning,


can any one help me on this issue, any idea to help me to understand why we faced this issue?






Hi I have also faced same issue yesterday in one large maeeting, meeting invite has been set out from team ID and some were able to joon and others weren't able to join...any standard info  about  this issue?



@Dani145 i too faced the same issue...does anyone have answer that what could be the reason?