Is there a good "Org Chart" app for Teams that allows enriched information about people?

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I work for a medium sized consulting firm and we use Teams fairly extensively. As we continue to grow, we've been thinking about whether there is an app for Teams that works a bit like the current Org Chart feature, but allows for more enrichment and customization of details for each person.


Hoping there might be some suggestions out there :) Many thanks in advance!


If I think about a new starter, the ability to go into Teams and:

  • See all of the people who work here (visual representation) and maybe customizable via some filters
    • Everybody working at "customer x"
    • Everybody who is part of "technical team y" or "delivery team z"
    • Everyone who has the title of "Business Analyst"
    • etc
  • Find out available information about other people who work here. Obvious info: Name, location, email, phone number, photo etc. But also maybe some enriched info like: customer site, name of project, technical expertise, LinkedIn profile link, hobbies outside of work etc.
  • The ability for people to update their own details as things change
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I don't recall to have seen that specific App for Teams. However, there are some organization charts samples built in SPFx (SharePoint Framework) that could be easily integrated in Microsoft Teams