is `Anonymous join meeting` policy Organization-wide policy?

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Hello experts!


I would like to block Teams video call/meeting with anonymous for organization wide and allow only for few employees by request. According to MS article, it is organization-wide and also can be applied for the per-meeting organizer. but the article example below says like it can't be made what I think because Organization-wide is higher prioirity.

Is it possible to make apposite way of example below?


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Article ---------------

Since both the organization-wide and per-organizer policies control anonymous join, the more restrictive setting will be effective. For example, if you don't allow anonymous join at the organization level, that will be your effective policy regardless of what you configure for the per-organizer policy. Therefore, in order to allow anonymous users to join meetings, you must configure both policies to allow anonymous join by setting the following values:

  • -DisableAnonymousJoin set to $false
  • -AllowAnonymousUsersToJoinMeeting set to $true

Any other combination of values will prevent anonymous users from joining meetings.


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Hello, yes this is a bit complicated now as the org-wide setting isn't deprecated yet. So you'll have to allow anonymous join org-wide and then enable the other setting in the Teams meeting policy for those that should have the possibility. In other words you need to create a custom Teams meeting policy, where one allows it and the other one doesn't. And then assign.

Your best approach is to enable anon join org-wide, set the Teams meeting setting (Global policy) to false, and a custom Teams meeting policy to true for anonymous join and assign the latter to those few individuals.
Hello Christian,

Thank you for the quick answer, Could you confirm the details steps? I am a new to Teams admin settings..
So the best approach is
1. in Teams admin center, Under Participants, turn on Anonymous users can join a meeting.
2. Open Powershell and run -DisableAnonymousJoin set to $false for global
3. Create a Custom Teams meeting policy and run -AllowAnonymousUsersToJoinMeeting set to $true for few individuals.
Can number 2 and 3 be made using Teams admin center as well?
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@Jun_Cho2455 Yes, you can use TAC as well.


Toggle this org-wide setting ON Meeting settings - Microsoft Teams admin center


Set Global policy to OFF Meeting policies - Microsoft Teams admin center

Create a Custom policy to ON (assign this to the limited group)



Thank you so much for your help!! very much appreciate