Improving Chat features in Teams

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I really do like Microsoft Teams.  There are a few features in Chat I would like to see amended:


  • I would like to be able to delete messages
  • I would like to have the ability to retract messages
  • I would like a smaller footprint for chat, similar to the footprint for skype. It takes up way to much real-estate on my desktop
  • I would like to be able to view when someone was last active when their light is yellow, similar to Skype
  • I would like to organize my chat similar to Skype; my org, favorites, all visible
  • I would like my favorite, recents, and org to all be visible while I'm in chat. Right now you can see them unless you select a person. It's like an overlay instead of part of the chat window

Does anyone agree with any or all of these suggestions?

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You should be able to delete your chats! Otherwise it might be disabled by admin.
Regarding retract, you can delete or edit here (if not restricted)
You can use pop out chats as a tip
If you switch over to contacts you can create groups etc
I don’t really understand your last request!

Either way, great feedback! I suggest posting or upvoting them here:

I think this is not a admin for teams, otherwise he can answer No. 1,2,4 by himself
but, indeed, there are too much more things in Teams than SFB, as it's not only a chat tool anymore, which makes it hard to learn